Energy healing (Reiki or Chakra Balancing)

The who, what, where, when, how and most importantly why?

In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. Energy is a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed. (Wikipedia)

Ummm what???

Basically, from the days of Albert Einstein to today's mainstream Deepak Chopra, we know that everything is made up of 'energy'. A sort of invisible force that makes things form, move, shift and morph. Without making it sound too woo-woo or esoteric, think of it like this. 

Just like a low WiFi signal will slow down your internet connection causing it to eventually shut down or disconnect all together, your mind and body can become weakened by the energy bodies, in and around it, being low on energy thus causing a weakened connection.

Bear with me for a brief overview:

As humans, we have an architecture of energy in our body known as the Chakra System. It is made up of seven distinct energy centers, starting with your base energy center, and moving upwards until your crown center. Each center is connected to very specific elements of your being, from your physical organs to your emotional processing, to your spiritual connection. If any of these centres are out of balance or alignment, physical, mental or emotional symptoms or illnesses may occur.

The human body also consists of five outer layers of energy, known as the (HEF)Human Energy FieldThe first layer is the physical body, which has weight, shape, and volume. You can touch it, see it, and contemplate its reflection in the mirror. But there are four other energy fields surrounding the physical body that are not so easily seen and which are commonly referred to collectively as a person's aura (personal space). These layers are where our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional characteristics are stored.

Reiki or Chakra Balancing works with the (UEF) Universal Energy Force. Reiki is a Japanese system the refers to this life force as Chi. While Ayurveda (Chakra balancing) is the ancient Indian system that refers to this life force as Prana. Both are the same.

During an energy healing session, the practitioner places their hands either directly on your energy centres or just above you aiming to improving energy flow and removing blocks to bring about the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Each session is approx 60 minutes. All the client will need to do is breathe, relax and let go, some even fall asleep. After your session, it is important that you drink lots of water to hydrate and replenish the fresh energy.

Health benefits of energy work can include anything relating to human ailments such as; improve sleep, relieve anxiety and stress, treat depression, enhance quality of life, boost moods, may improve some symptoms and conditions such as headache, tension, insomnia, nausea...all to name a few.

Wether you choose to believe in it or not, I’d say it’s worth a try. 

~ For in the dew of little things, the heart finds it’s morning and is refreshed.
 Khalid Gibran 

(Skylit Ayurveda Team)

P.S. Energy healing work is never meant to be used as a substitute for any medication or medical advice provided by your doctors. It is meant to aid and enhance the healing process as complementary therapy as needed.

At Skylit Ayurveda, insurance receipts are provided under Naturopathy. 


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